The parcel looked untidy and used, which made Rakesh suspicious. After opening the box, he found a rock placed inside instead of the mobile phone he had bought online.

On December 21, Rakesh Chabaria, a Kalyan, Maharashtra, resident happily ordered a new smartphone online on Amazon India’s website. As he placed the order, little did Rakesh know that he paid Rs 33,000 for a big stone.

As the delivery boy from Amazon knocked on Rakesh’s door on December 23 with the parcel in his hand, what turned out to be inside the box was not the ordered mobile phone but a huge rock.

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The parcel looked untidy, as if it was opened and used by someone already, which made Rakesh suspicious.

Rakesh asked the delivery guy to open it. He was shocked to see a rock placed inside the box instead of the phone. Baffled Rakesh instantly took pictures of the box. When asked about why the phone was missing from the box, the delivery boy said he had no idea how it happened.

Rakesh then called and wrote a mail to Amazon about the incident. The officials from Amazon replied back apologising and asked for Rakesh’s Aadhar card details for further investigation, assuring him that the matter will be sorted out in next 3-4 days.

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However, it’s been 5 days now and Rakesh hasn’t heard from the company regarding the ongoing investigation. When KhabarLive mailed Amazon with detailed queries, their spokesperson replied back saying, “As customer centric company, we are committed to the safe delivery of all customer packages. We are investigating this incident already and will support the customer with a speedy resolution.”

Rakesh is still waiting for the next call from Amazon India regarding the ordered mobile phone that was never delivered to him for which he already paid online. #KhabarLive