Recently, a ‘minor’ fire broke out in the store room of legal metrology department in Suryapet in Telangana, where some articles sealed as part of various raids were kept by the officials. Everyone suspected it to be a short circuit. Damages and property loss was minimal.

However, the investigators smelt something foul — literally speaking, they got a whiff of kerosene in the store room. Further probe by forensic experts revealed the plot hatched by an employee of legal metrology department who connived with a petrol station staff to destroy evidence. He reportedly took a bribe of `5 lakh to do the same.

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Following complaints about irregularities, the legal metrology department officials went to Pasupuleti Brothers petrol bunk in Huzurnagar on November 29 for a surprise check. They fuel station was found to have installed chips inside the pulsar boxes to dispense less petrol. Officials seized the pulsar boxes and mother board and took them for testing.

On December 5 night, the pulsar boxes and part of the wiring was burnt down in the fire mishap. On December 6, officials lodged a complaint with Suryapet police. Suryapet SP Prakash Jadhan said the petrol bunk owner P Nagaiah offered `5 lakh to legal metrology officer Ashok Rao to see to it that the case is closed. Ashok Rao took the amount and adviced Nagaiah to burn the evidences so that the fraud never comes out.

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Ashok Rao further went on to help Nagaiah to get the moulds of the office keys on a soap to enable the latter to make duplicate keys. Nagaiah got duplicate keys made by key maker Nagarjuna.

On December 5 night, Nagaiah and two of his petrol bunk staff reached Legal metrology office and opened the lock with their duplicate keys and the store room lock with original key. They poured kerosene and petrol on pulsar boxes and electrical wire and set them on fire. After that they locked all rooms and escaped from the spot.

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The police have arrested Ashok Rao, his driver S Rajeswar Reddy, Nagaiah, his workers S Naresh, N Ramesh and duplicate key maker Nagarjuna. #KhabarLive