While in one corner of the country, humans are trying to outrun each other, men like John Abraham are doing what they do best: bringing themselves closer to ‘chappals’. And no, his flip-flops aren’t looking any different in 2018. Even at 1300 hrs at the Mumbai airport, they appear as sloppy as in 2017 and even today, it’s just not making the cut for us.

However, if there’s any addition in John’s ‘home footwear’ debauchery, it’s the presence of a F/W staple, the beanie.

But we’re delighted to mention, that as opposed to John’s usual airport outings lately, his T-shirt isn’t just an off-the-rack buy this time. This regular-fit piece (that isn’t choking his guns for a change) is straight off Deus Ex Machina’s Spring/Summer’17 menswear collection. Commonly called by the brand, the ‘Blackout Tee’ (for reasons unknown). And while you’re only subjected to the T-shirt frontal glory above, the back is quite tempting too.

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Featuring water-based prints of original Deus artwork and a plastic strip, here’s what the flip side of the T-shirt looks like:

Our opinion: this dressing aesthetic isn’t a first for the actor. In fact, he’s always found in such dowdy outfits in public, with occasional bloopers in the form of ‘chappals’. We may call this dowdy, but through another eye ball, this could be proclaimed as comfortable gear. Or something, that to be honest, is also a big outfit winner across the masses. They’re flip-flops after all; men love them.

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However, what we’d really applaud the actor for here, is his constant effort in keeping comfort imperative. While for us, suede boat shoes make for a great travel pair, flip-flops solve the same purpose for Abraham. Likewise, we all might prefer travelling in smart-casual chinos, but for John, calf-joggers do the trick. It’s all about ‘to each his own’, we’d say.

Having said that, the fact that he’s a celebrity and should be living up to a certain identity, is a completely different discussion all other. So, all in all, this is quite a relatable outfit for 50% of the men out there.

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Lastly, for those of you eyeing a quick cop of the T-shirt, it comes at a price of 1,500 rupees. Something, that’s easily the first-ever international buy worn by a celebrity, that’s even the easiest to afford. Sure, actors like Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh do succumb to affordable MRPs sometimes, but as a matter of fact, they’ve always worn pieces from homegrown labels. For example, Being Human T-shirts in the case of Salman Khan (his own brand) and ‘Gully Gang’ T-shirts, cc: Ranveer Singh. #KhabarLive

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