It was an enlightening session for many techies, both retrenched and working, who attended a workshop on ‘Are labour laws applicable to IT employees?’ IT professionals, professors, and law students were part of a deliberation on labour laws held by Forum for IT professionals, an IT welfare organisation on Saturday.

From the system of working emulated in a company to its domination over employees, the attendees got insight into the ‘for profit’ ecosystem followed by tech companies.
“The management of IT companies are worse than butchers and the corporations are no longer ethical and truthful in their standing. An employee needs to understand that they are selling their skill,” said Kiran Chandra, Member, Forum for IT Professionals.

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Praveen Chandrahas, a member of the forum observed that majority of the IT companies fall under the purview of the Shops and Establishment Act, 1988. “The IT companies are only exempted from inspection. They all fall under the purview of the law,” he said while adding that the way retrenchments are considered by the companies has changed. #KhabarLive