A pan shop at NTR Nagar in outskirts of Hyderabad city in Andhra
Pradesh, is attracting a large number of customers because a
Muslim girl clad in Hijab prepares pans for the customers. Shaheen
also sells other articles also in the pan shop. She is a 15 year
old girl who was selling cigarettes and other articles. On
contacting her she told that this pan shop belongs to his brother
Mr. Jan Mohammed Jaffer.

He is from Jharkhand, he came to Hyderabad 4 years back and
started pan shop business. He opens the shop immediately after
Fajr prayer and goes for taking meals at home. She sells pan in
this shop from 1 pm to 4 pm during lunch hour. She knows the names
of all brands of cigarettes. She told that her brother Jaffer
cannot effort to employee a person and more over he can’t trust
others in cash dealings.

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This girl is not seen after 4 pm which is rush hour and more over
during evening hours, all sorts of people come to pan shop. She
told that her father is a small farmer whose financial condition
is not sound. She has 7 sisters and she is the 4th one. Three
sister got married. One of his brothers resides with her father
and helps him to his agricultural activities. Shaheen told that
she knows reading and writing Urdu.

She also recites Quran at home. She told that she does not talk to
the customers coming to pan shop. Whatever they demand, she
quietly give them and takes money. She informed that her neighbors
have encouraged her. They are good people. They extend every
possible help. The hotel owner is also a nice man.

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She is an example of hard work and working honestly. Lethargic
Muslim youths should learn a lesson from her hard work and
honesty. #KhabarLive