Is there any treasure trove beneath the historic Hussainsagar lake
in Hyderabad in Telangana state? Well, this speculation is now
doing rounds among the people of the city in the backdrop of the
Telangana government’s decision to empty the Hussainsagar lake
this summer.

The fact that the historic lake never dried up in the 453 years of
its existence is giving rise to theories that several valuable
items might show up when it is dried out.

A section of people suspect that there could be treasures hidden
at the bottom of the lake bed and hence, the government should go
cautiously in executing its plan to empty the lake.

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Speculations about the presence a treasure trove in the lake are
making rounds following reports that gold, silver and copper coins
might be present in large numbers at the bed of the 32-feet deep
lake, as it is tradition among Hindus to throw coins in river and

The reports quoting unnamed government officials saying that large
number of coins, motor vehicle spare parts, cycles, antique
utensils dating back to 16th and 17th century and women’s jewelry
may also surface when the lake is dried out. The official felt
that a Sonar test should be conducted before emptying the lake as
it would give a better understanding of what was present at its

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Director in Archaeology department B Srinivas Rao says that an
archaeological excavation cannot be conducted in Hussainsagar as
there is no prima facie evidence of any artifacts being present in

‘There is no inscription, documented proof or academic paper which
says some treasures were stored in Hussainsagar lake. Any
excavation needs to be conducted on the basis of scientific
evidence and it is not possible to dig up the bed of the lake
without any indication or evidence suggesting that we can find
something,’ Srinivas added.

Convener of INTACH Hyderabad chapter Anuradha Reddy says while it
was possible that some old items may surface, possibility of
chests of valuable items can be found in the lake, was very less.
‘Given that Hussainsagar is huge lake and there is no possibility
of finding anything dropped in the lake, it doesn’t sound logical
as to why someone would take such risk,’ she says.

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Sanjay Subodh, professor of Medieval Archaeology in University of
Hyderabad, opined that stories about treasures being found in
ancient temples and lakes make rounds need not be given any
credence. But he feels that emptying the lake may help to
understand its build and architecture better. #KhabarLive