Hyderabad city police has banned hookah parlours and it’s sale to prevent drug abuse and safeguard the young health.

Those who don’t know what is hookah, it is a water coal and dried flavour vaping through pipe and it creates smoke and gives you a new high, this was banned by police as multiple cases were registered of using it with alcohol and other hazardous drugs by teenagers which ended up with more of casualties and serious illness.

In recent past most of the hookah parlours actually closed out and almost all the sale and purchase of its equipments, coal brick, flavours has been legally locked out, if it is found in active sale seller and buyer both will be penalised.

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However this rule has increased more curiosity and uncomfortable state of mind with its regular consumers and this has taken a different shape.

In the new city and quite popular up class locales of Hyderabad we found some new things which have taken over the urge of hookah lovers.

In picture you will see a pen like tube with a USB cable, this is an electronic hookah which runs on a battery and it has a liquified flavour cartridges which is used for vaping smoke!

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However studies never proved nicotine or tobacco traces in it, but it have the dangerous chemicals in comparison to normal hookah.

Now in posh area of Banjara hills, it is sold and it also comes with some strong flavour which is notice to be like weed effect said by its consumer.
Is this a new menace or an allowed substitute?

Hope we care ourselves and our smoker friends too. Do create an awareness and try to quit this habit now. A healthy India can be a wealthy India soon. #KhabarLive