It was a new experience for Dr Kenny NG and Kelvin Ong Boon, Malaysians who came to ‘Feel the Jail’ to Sangareddy. They found out about this experience exciting where people can pay Rs 500 and get a chance to live like a prisoner for a day.

The Malaysian nationals were taken into Sangareddy Jail Museum custody on January 27 and were released on Monday afternoon. They said the minute they saw on the Internet that they could experience jail life, they wanted to try it out.

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“That was when we applied for a five-day tourist visa and arrived here,” they said. Sharing their jail experience with KhabarLive, they said they landed at the jail at 12 pm on January 27 and before they entered, they were explained about the rules to be followed as prisoners. They were also provided with a uniform, a plate, a glass, a mug and two bed sheets.

“We were both allotted the same barrack and were not allowed to use our mobile phones,” said Kenny. On Sunday, some prisoners from the District Jail came down to share their life with the Malaysians. As two of them could speak English, it became easy for them to understand. They were also happy with the vegetarian food that was provided for meals, which included rotis, fried rice, dal and tamarind rice.

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The Malaysian duo also said they didn’t expect the attention they received on the news channels and magazines and were happy to see their photograph in KhabarLive. The duo preserved the newspaper and beamed with pride. #KhabarLive