Home décor trends have been constantly evolving and each generation has added something new to these ever-changing concepts. In terms of design, the current contemporary décor are largely inspired by the long-established ones, with a slightly modern twist.

While 80’s were focussing on bolder designs, 90’s introduced the concept of minimalism. The new era of Gen Y aka the Millennials merged minimalism and contemporary ideas, adding the chic element to home décor.

Recent trends highlight the migration of these Millennials, moving out of their childhood homes and opting for their own space. These young adults are focussed, practical and inclined towards a simple, comfortable and convenient décor. With Millennials ready to take over the housing market, it’s time to focus on a few décor trends that can help create their perfect space:

Millennials love both comfort as well as style. They want their homes to be comfortable as well as elegant. One should follow this basic principle while styling this generation’s delineation of impeccable home. Modern furniture designed keeping comfort in mind can be a perfect choice. For example, an ergonomic chair or smart furniture which are contemporary in their designs can provide comfort as well as blend seamlessly with the interiors. You can also accessorise by adding large throw pillows, bean bags or soft futon to bring in the cosiness within the environment.

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Millennials believe in customisation, they want their lifestyle to reflect in their homes. Unlike the older and standardised design, today’s homes are an amalgamation of modern and traditional designs. Each millennial has a different taste, in terms of décor. Some prefer darker hues and some opt for contemporary designs. Mix and match is what can perfectly describe the Gen Y’s taste. Modern design with rustic look, can be a good experiment. For example, a highly textured wall with a Warli painting on it would just give your home a modern look with traditional touch to it. Some can also opt for DIY’s to redo their space, while others can stick to readymade accessories.

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Indoor plants are the latest trend in home décor. It brings out the natural element as well as creates a healthy environment. Adding a dash of nature will spruce up any space with new texture and freshness. These plants can be an easy substitute, in case there is no balcony garden space available. Wood and stone can also be opted to bring in natural look. The flooring or walls can be replaced with wooden flooring or stone layered walls. These elements give a classy as well as stylish look. Accessories such as mirrors with wood or stone frames and wooden furniture with contemporary features are also a good choice. Larger windows can be incorporated with the design, this lets the sunlight seep in, provide good ventilation and also change the overall aura of the house.

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As majority of the millennials are have just started earning, their houses are not as lavish as that of their previous generations. With limited space and budget, this generation can focus on functionality. Investment in multipurpose furniture like sofa-cum-beds, tables with storage is a logical option. This will declutter the space and add the minimalistic look that this generation is longing for.

Technology is the new luxury and it is an important asset for this and the upcoming generation. Millennials are technology loving people, be it their home or office, tech is the way this generations leads its life. Tech trends have been emerging largely – smart lamps and elegant LED lights, automated door locks and shelving, etc can be controlled from your smart devices. These devices are adaptive and energy efficient and opting for them saves time and money. #KhabarLive

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