There are about 50 schools in Hyderabad functioning without any
teachers, revealed an assessment by the district information
system for education (DISE) in report.

Across Telangana, the picture is equally dismal with 957 schools
crying for staff. Several surveys have revealed the poor
performance of students in the state and the assessment report
highlights how lack of teachers is one of the major reasons behind

While the government appoints around 2.5 lakh teachers every year,
the report clearly shows how the efforts have fallen flat towards
the requirement in all schools. “The numbers clearly show uneven
distribution of teachers in all schools. We have demanded to the
government several times to appoint more teachers.

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However, the report reveals how ignorant the government is towards
this issue,“ said Sanjeev Rao, general secretary of Telangana
State United Teachers Federation.

The report reveals how several schools have violated the rule of
1:30 teacher-pupil ratio as per the Right to Education Act, 2009.
It goes on to say how 787 schools are functioning with less than
three teachers in Hyderabad.

Adding to the report, there are 427 schools running with sin gle
teachers. “There are about 82,011 students studying in these 427
schools. That means, one teacher is teaching about 192 students on
an average. Teachers have to go for invigilation, fulfill the
continuous and comprehensive evaluation system, meet district
education officers and complete several other duties,“ Rao went on
to highlight the pathetic condition in these schools.

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Educationists believe that it is due to lack of a monitoring
system that schools are functioning with fewer teachers. “The
education department itself lacks the resources to keep tabs on

The department first needs to recruit supervising inspectors in
order to inspect the situation on field,“ said M Samyukta, vice-
president of School Teachers Federation of India.According to
sources, 21 out of 24 supervising inspectors posts are lying
vacant in the education department in Hyderabad.

If this was not enough, there are about 3,616 schools functioning
without headmasters. In such cases, teachers share the additional
burden to run the schools.“In my school, each class has 6070

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This way, it becomes very difficult to look after each student’s
performance,“ rued P Anuradha, a teacher at a government school in
Borabanda. “The government needs to recruit at least one teacher
per class in order to reduce the burden on teachers like us,“ she

After the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system was
implemented, teachers complain about spending more time on non-
academic work.#KhabarLive

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