Last night a shoe hurled on AIMIM supremo Owaisi in Mumbai and today another shoe hurled on Janasena Chief and tollywood superstar Pawan Kalyan in Khammam district of Telangana.

Some unidentified Person hurled Chappal on Pawan Kalyan during his Road Show in Khammam. The Chappal missed Pawan Kalyan and fell on the Bonett of the open-top car he is traveling.

The miscreant cannot be identified in the heavy crowd. With that, the fans and Janasena supporters are relieved. Later Pawan Kalyan had mentioned about the incident indirectly in his address to the supporters and said he will not counter-attack anyone even if they attack him.

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The Janasenani so far interacted with the party activists of six former districts of Telangana. He is also going to take a tour of drought-affected Anantapur district from 27th of this month. The tour will go on for two or three days. #KhabarLive