Irritated with the increase of activities of TRS and Congress in 7 Assembly Constituencies of Old City, MIM started strategies to curb the activities which are going against it.

It is reported that pressure is being exerted on KCR and his son, KTR to stop the cadre of TRS from accelerating its activities so that the monopoly of MIM is retained. It is understood that MIM has already threatened TRS that if its cadre is not stopped in Old City, it would revise its support and also the failures of the ruling on public issues would be exposed.

It has been the history of MIM that it always forges a coalition with the ruling party and makes an attempt to control the activities of other political parties. It harasses its opponents in various ways, many a time using the police.

For the past three years, it is the first occasion when TRS and Congress have accelerated their activities in Old City for which they are getting an unexpected public response. The united struggle of the opposition parties for raising public issues has perturbed MIM. It is also reported that the way in which Joint Action Committee is raising the issue of Metro Rail Project in Old City is worrying the local party. The leadership of JAC is with TRS. MIM is therefore started putting its pressure on TRS to refrain its cadre from Metro Rail protest. Due to this reason, TRS leaders have suddenly kept away from this protest program. Seeing this attitude of the Govt. and party, TRS leaders are associating themselves with other parties. If they continue their membership in the party, it would be construed as a violation of discipline. TRS leaders of Old City are in the state of confusion. They are not able to make any representation on public issues. So far, no TRS leader of Old City has been given any representation in any government organization.

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It may be mentioned that the details of former MIM leaders who joined Congress are being collected so that they could be targeted by police.

On the other hand, MIM worries as TRS, Congress become active for footing in Old City: It is likely that the next general elections in Old City of Hyderabad will be very interesting since there is going to be triangular contests.

TRS started activating its cadre in Old City. In the same manner, Congress is also making an attempt to strengthen its support in Old City. It is highlighting the welfare schemes especially meant for Muslims which were started during Congress regime. Some leaders belonging to MIM and others who support secularism are also getting attracted toward Congress.

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TRS started its activities rapidly in the wake of its popularity. It is taking credit by saying that more budget would be allocated in the financial year 2018-19 for Muslims.

It is reported that TRS has formed a strategy to block Congress from strengthening its base in Old City. It may decide not to contest Old City constituency in coalition with MIM. TRS is propagating its welfare schemes such as 2 BHK, Shaadi Mubarak, Overseas Scholarships and Fee Reimbursement.

It may be noted that in the last municipal elections, TRS captured 99 seats in GHMC and in 32 wards it got the second position which boosts its image. Since MIM had declared itself as an ally, TRS was hesitating to make up its mind to enter into Old City.

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Now that Congress is making an attempt to enter the Old City, TRS has also made up its mind to try its luck in this area.

TRS expects that it would be able to attract Minorities by promising excess allocation of budget next financial year.

Political analysts opine that if TRS seriously contests in some constituencies of Old City, its success would be assured.

It may be mentioned that during the membership campaign of TRS in Old City, there were long queues of persons seeking membership which perturbed MIM leadership.

TRS is making an attempt to propagate the success of its welfare schemes and the failures of Congress Govt. to keep the issues of minorities pending.

Sitting MLAs of Old City are worried since no political party was allowed to strengthen its base in Old City so far.

Now that the ruling party and the opposition party both are interested in Old City, it is hoped that the area would develop. #KhabarLive