Women love fashion naturally. It’s something that is in them. And when it comes to staying at par with the contemporary fashion and style trends, the Internet is your go-to resource. Internet is the place where you can catch up on all the beauty and fashion trends that are in vogue.

We all have subscribed to the fashion and beauty pages on social media forums such as Instagram and Facebook. And they really help us catch all the new trends. When it comes to nail paints and nail art, we have revolutionary trends in this regard. Long gone are the days when girls would just apply a single-color paint on their nails. That was perhaps the oldest tradition.

Trends have entirely changed when it comes to the beautification of nails. And this is the very reason that you would find a nail bar or a nail spa on every street and in every town. Said that, let’s find out which nail trends are just right to wear in this fall. You essentially need a smooth and steady Internet connection to catch up on these latest trends, and also to follow the YouTube tutorials to do all the experiments at home. So, if you are a DIY enthusiast, check out Spectrum Internet Deals to have smooth experimenting sessions with your nails.

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Acrylic Nails
Ever since Acrylic nails came into the trend, there is no going back. You should know that it was in Greece, back in 19th century, when women from the elite-class used to wear pistachio shells on their nails. That began the trend of artificial nails and it spread widely across Europe. And the idea of inserting artificial nails at nail bars and spas first came when a dentist used a broken figure nail as a temporary replacement. So, this idea of artificial nails is not as new as we thought it is.

This trend has taken the women across the world by storm. They have poured all their creativity into this art and come up with wonderful and remarkably artistic designs that one could imagine. So, if you are looking for nail art ideas, just open YouTube or Facebook and search nail art ideas and you can try all the amazing ideas at home or let your nail bar expert do it for you.

The acrylic nails, both French (it never gets old) and with patterns, are pretty much in trend for the fall. Gel paints and glitters are also in, especially with Christmas approaching.

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Also, creating a swirl or pattern on the accent/ring figure while the rest of the figures have plain French manicure also looks stunning, adding a unique twist to the signature French manicure, and can be tried this Fall. It looks both classy and delicate.

Solid Colors
Solid nail colors are both hot and catchy. And yes, they never ever get old. Wearing a solid color, be it matte or glossy, is perhaps the easiest and most gorgeous way to look pretty, and that too in no time and with least amount of effort.

You should know that Nail polish was first created in China, back in 3000 BC, and it is perhaps one of the oldest inventions in ‘proper makeup’ materials. The ingredients that were first used were egg whites, vegetable dyes, beeswax and, gelatin.

Interestingly, the tradition of beautifying nails was also found in Ancient Egypt, and colors of nail polish even signified class divisions. The elite class used to paint their nails with red (red stays in trend always) and the bourgeois class wore light and nude colors.

Some of the trendiest single, solid colors that are trending for Fall are deep maroon, deep burgundy, nude pink, matte blacks and so on. Matte paints are more in than the glossy ones. Nude and light shades are absolutely perfect to wear on girls’ nights out.

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Various Patterns in Vogue
We all love delicate and pretty patterns on our nails, especially if they have a hint of style as well as class. Just like black and white patterned nails with gold glitter or having a glitter ring finger nail with the rest of a same solid colored nail paint. Pearl or metallic studs can also be added at the base of the nails. You can experiment with black and white paints and some glitter, to create a variety of patterns that look very catchy.

Patterns with dark paints look hot for dinner dates and night outs. Try them this Fall!

Unique and Exciting
We all love stylish and unique designs and pattern on nails but some people literally take every new trend to the next level like holographic nails. Look at the above images, people have actually created these designs on their nails. Although it is a lot of hard work, would you really try these? If yes, you definitely are that person who is a true fashion freak and can try anything. And why not? Fashion enthusiasts should always try new things. So yes, Go girl! #KhabarLive #hydnews