Petrol and diesel prices have hit an all-time high in Hyderabad and are expected to increase further in the coming days.

With petrol costing Rs 75.32 per litre and diesel Rs 67.09 per litre at present, the prices have now increased to a three-year high.The reason is being attributed to the rise in crude oil price globally.

Fuel dealers operating outlets on the Karnataka border are already registering a decline in diesel sales due to a difference of nearly Rs 5.50 per litre compared to the price in Telangana.

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With the new system of daily revision, fuel prices have increased steadily over the months but consumers are failing to notice the daily hike of a few paise.

Telangana Petroleum Dealers Association general secretary, G Vinay Kumar shared that tough days are ahead and it won’t be a surprise if the diesel price increases to Rs 70 per litre in the coming days. #KhabarLive