The men can be seen accusing the occupants of the car of trying to convert people to Christianity.

In an incident that was caught on camera, unidentified miscreants seemingly assaulted members of a Christian missionary in Telangana, before setting a carton full of Bibles on fire.

The incident reportedly happened on Wednesday, near Singavatnam village in Kollarapur Mandal in Telangana’s Nagar Kurnool district, and the video is being shared on social media now.

The video starts with a group of men standing around a car, and telling another man to leave. The men can be seen accusing the occupants of the car of trying to convert people to Christianity.

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Amid inaudible voices, one voice is heard asking the occupants, “What is the need for you to come here and do all this? That too near a temple.”

A woman is also seen sitting in the car.

The video also shows a box full of Bibles, written in Telugu, being taken out of the car.

After forcing the car to drive away, the men then go on to empty out the box, before pouring an inflammable substance on the books and setting them on fire.

Some of the unidentified men even tear pages of the book, and throw them in the fire, to keep the flames going.

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Speaking to KhabarLive, National Director of the Association of Integrated Christian Council (AICC), John Benny Lingam, said, “The incident happened three days ago when around 15 to 20 members including a pastor visited to village to distribute some Bibles.”

“Some local RSS workers at the spot saw them, and followed their car. When our people stopped the car to the side as they were being followed, these locals roughed them up and assaulted them,” he alleged.

“After that, they took the carton out of the car and burned the Bibles. We are planning to complain about this issue to the police, as well as send a representation to the Home Ministry,” John added.

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“We learnt about the incident on Saturday morning, and investigation is going on. Further details are awaited. We are on the job,” the Circle Inspector of Kollapur told KhabarLive.

“We are yet to identify the accused, but we will ensure strict action will be taken,” he added.

A case has been registered under Section 295A (Deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs) of the IPC. #KhabarLive