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A new app called ‘Cashify’ has reimagined the process of selling used smartphones and laptops to enable you to get the best buck for your junk.

You are on a cleaning spree right before a house party, you start brushing the dust off the shelves, and suddenly notice your good ol’ smartphone hidden behind a book. Woah! It was here till now?

Now, what to do with this phone of yours? Let it rot inside a drawer for years to come or simply discard it as e-waste? No. Not anymore. Cashify has reimagined the process of selling used smartphones and laptops to enable you to get the best buck for your junk, without even having to step out of your home.

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Cashify, you ask? So what exactly does Cashify do?

1.Sell in less than 60 seconds: Yes, selling on Cashify is that fast and easy. Here’s how it works: Just download the Cashify app from the Play Store or App Store or visit the link cashify.in if you are looking to sell your old phone or laptop. Fill in some details about your phone’s present condition and get an instant quote. If you’re happy with the offered resale value, just choose your preferred payment mode, schedule a free pick for your device, and sit back and relax. Let Cashify do the job for you.

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2.Haggling is a thing of the past: Haggling and negotiating with potential buyers on popular classified sites can be quite a challenging task. Cashify makes the whole selling process a real breeze. They will unlock the best price for your device so that you don’t have to look beyond. Over 4 lakh happy users can vouch for that. It’s time you join the bandwagon too.

3.Invite and earn: You can even spread the word among your peers, share the Cashify app along with your unique code, and earn Rs.150 PayTM cash every time your friends transact. How cool is that? Time for some extra money! Yay!

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4. An exhaustive list to choose from: Believe it or not, there are more than 10,000 smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices listed on Cashify, which means you are most likely to find any and every device here that you are looking to sell. There’s no need to head to a physical store and negotiate for a decent resale price anymore. Just hop on to the Cashify app or website and trade in your old device with just a few clicks. #KhabarLive