Most of us don’t realize the fact that we often learn life lessons through reading books and sometimes find answers to questions left unanswered. Reputed author, Parveen Sharma, has brought to his readers three books of a series that will answer plenty queries about stardom.

Parveen has written and launched three books at once, which in itself is an achievement not many can claim to have accomplished. His newest releases revolve around the primary theme of stardom and showcase the entire journey to, while and beyond stardom. His writings talk about what takes to be a star, then reflects on the life of a star and eventually what transpires beyond all that glamour and glitz.

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Living in a society where people are in complete awe of the stars we watch, follow and admire, this book will bring all the fans a step closer to the reality that stands true around a star’s life.

When asked about his inspiration behind these books, Parveen answered, “Like most Indians, the world of stars has always fascinated me. My work has allowed me to know a lot of the leading lights of the Indian entertainment industry on a personal level. This has given me a unique insight into the inner dynamics of this industry, which I thought could be explained to those interested in this industry in the form of these books.”

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He said that anyone who is fascinated by the movie industry will love these books. However, the younger set of people who are looking to make a career in the movie and entertainment industry should definitely read these series of books.

Parveen’s books provide a fascinating glimpse into the possibilities that exist in the entertainment industry.

While we all know that the movie and entertainment industry is growing rapidly and will only grow exponentially in this digital age, we hope Sharma’s books present a brighter and more positive direction to its readers and aspiring stars. #KhabarLive