The government has recently extended the last date to link Aadhaar car with bank accounts and PAN to March 31. The previous date was December 31.

If you are concerned about the misuse of your Aadhaar cards, which are used for authentication to avail of wide spectrum of services, then worry no more. Now, users can check when and where have their biometric ID’s have been used. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) that manages Aadhaar is giving the option of retrieving the history of the card being used over a period of time.

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All users have to do is to visit the UIDAI website and log in to Aadhaar Authentication History page under Aadhaar services tab.

Here is a quick guide to retrieve the history of your Aadhaar.

– Enter the unique Aadhar number and generate OTP by filling the security code displayed on the screen.

– On the new page that appears, select the type of authentication you want to check for. The UIDAI offers Biometrics, Demographics, OTP, Demographic & Biometric, Biometric & OTP and Demographic & OTP options. Users can also select the All option to inquire every entry made through Aadhaar.

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– Enter the date range for which you want to retrieve the history, UIDAI provides a history for last seven months till date.

– Enter the generated OTP and click submit.

– The result will be displayed in the form of date, time and type of Aadhaar authentication used.

The service will help the user keep track of their Aadhaar activities and if any suspicious activity has been done through their account.

The government has recently extended the last date to link Aadhaar card with bank accounts and PAN to March 31.

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Go and check your history now. #KhabarLive