Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu has been in politics for 40 years. And he is hailed as the most tech-savvy chief minister and has been credited with transforming Hyderabad into an IT hub.

For several years, Naidu has been attending World Economic Forum summits at Davos in Switzerland, besides making several trips to foreign countries to attract investments to Andhra Pradesh.

He also had lengthy sessions with World Bank chief, US president and IT bigwigs like Bill Gates etc. He might have addressed hundreds of meetings of foreign delegations abroad and in his home state.

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So, it is nothing but natural for the people to expect that the Andhra chief minister is eloquent in speaking in English and that he can floor anybody with his articulation skills.

However, those who saw him first time speaking at the three-day CII Partnership Summit at Visakhapatnam that concluded on Monday evening, were shocked to notice several bloomers in his English speaking.

Naidu could not even pronounce the words Partnership Summit properly – he called it as “partnership submit.” He pronounces “temporary” as “tempervary,” programme as “pogram,” and so on.

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He was seen finding it difficult to frame several sentences but ended up saying.. “all these things.” He was beginning every sentences with: “I am very happy..”

And he was found using words like “ecosystem” and “innovation” as frequently as possible to prove that he has plenty of knowledge.

The audiences could not control their laughter whenever he fumbled in speaking in English. And he did not try to correct himself.

However, some people have taken it as a positive aspect of Naidu.

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“What matters to the investors is not whether he is articulate or not, but whether he is able to convince them or not. And Naidu could do it successfully,” one of the audiences said. #KhabarLive

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