Ditch the gym and bank on low-carb diet to lose weight. Weight loss experts have all their votes for the latter. Here’s a look.

Getting off your butt a bit might give you a so-called “magazine-perfect” shape, but that not exactly burns down the calories you consume every day. In fact, the rigorous workout regime has nothing to do with your ideal weight loss plan and that’s the reason you need to bid adieu to the routine workout at your favorite gym. What’s the point in lifting the weight and sweating so heavily, if you don’t lose as much weight as you have desired before hitting the gym?

So, waste time no more! Get out of the gym and look for something that offers a sure-fire and lasting solution. And the secret lies in the healthy diet. There’s no alternative to a nutritional diet that burns calorie while giving you the appropriate nutrients to keep you fit fine and healthy.

So, what makes a diet healthy? – Is it the nutrients or the low-calorie food items?

The answer is both. Normally, a low calorie food comes with its nutrient quotient intact and hence it offers amazing health benefits. For the weight loss plan, one can bank on low-carb diet, which is extremely nutritious and appetizing at the same time. The low-carb diet cuts off the carbohydrate content (which is responsible for increasing calories) of the food and thus plays a key role in reducing the daily calorie intake of a person.

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However, such a diet also emphasizes the need for consuming foods with high protein, fat and dietary fibers. No wonder, these foods come with extensive health benefits and aid in weight loss. According to the veterans, such foods also help in reducing the risk associated with diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

How Low Carb Diet Benefits the Weight Loss Process?
Eating low-carb, unprocessed foods can be extremely beneficial for your health. While facilitating the weight loss process, such a balanced diet keeps you away from several life-threatening diseases. Here’s a brief overview of its benefits.

1. Low carb diet reduces the appetite
In this case, killing appetite comes in a good sense. When people cut on carbs, appetite tends to go down automatically and this way you end up consuming fewer calories. For those who are on diet, cutting down carbs helps in dealing with the appetite (the worst side effect of diet). Moreover, reducing the carbs naturally increases the importance of protein and fat consumption, as they help in supplying the required amount of nutrients in your body.

2. Low-carbers lose weight faster than the low fattters
Low-carb diets helps in reducing weight two to three times faster than the ones who are cutting down the fat consumption. It’s because, the low carb diet releases excess water from the body and lower the insulin levels, which eventually leads to the shedding of excess sodium by the kidneys. The entire process makes weight loss faster.

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3. Low-carb diet cuts down visceral fat in the abdomen
Since visceral fat of the abdominal cavity is the sole cause of increasing weight and obesity, a low-carb diet impacts on it directly. An excess of visceral fat in the abdomen cause harmful inflammation, insulin resistance, which eventually leads to metabolic dysfunction. Low-carb diets reduce the accumulation of fat in that area, thus checking the risk of various heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

4. Low-carb diets keep triglycerides at bay
Tryglycerides are fat molecules that tend to increase the risk factors of heart disease. Cutting the carbs dramatically reduce the blood triglycerides within a short span of time.

5. Cutting down carbs increase HDL
HDL and LDL are usually lipoproteins which are responsible for carrying cholesterol across the body. Reducing the carb consumption increase the HDL content in blood that carries cholesterol away from different parts of the body to the lover, where it is excreted or reused. The process lowers the risk of heart disease.

Is it a Healthy Diet or Rigorous Exercises that Facilitates Weight Loss Process?
Getting into a healthy diet plan changes your lifestyle in the first place. Hence it affects your weight loss goals. According to a research, a healthy diet that cuts down the carbs is more effective than burning calories with gym equipment. But, the weight loss experts has a different view in this regard. For them, physical activity helps in maintaining the weight that you have lost after following a strict diet regime.

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Restricting calories in the first place prevents you from gaining more weight. But the process of weight loss actually begins much after you start living on low-carb foods. It’s like, if 70% of your weight loss goals depend on healthy and balanced diet, the other 30% certainly belongs to the physical activities.

Before you start following a strict and nutritious diet, keep in mind that the daily calorie intake should be lower than the amount you are able to burn. So, simply relying on gym workouts won’t do, if you keep on following the old food habits. Physical activity or machine exercises can’t have a far-reaching impact on reducing your weight. Instead a blind dependence on gym workouts eventually leads to some bigger risks in future. Chances are you put up weight even more drastically after you leave gym workouts.

Foods That Impact On your Weight Loss:
• Fish
• Eggs.
• Vegetables.
• Fruits.
• Nuts and Seeds
• High-Fat Dairy
• Fats and Oils

There’s no doubt that the weight loss is all about reducing calories, no matter you burn it or curb the consumption. The strenuous the activity, the greater will be the calorie burning process. But it takes about 3500 calories to lose one pound of weight and it would take about a month when you are simply relying on exercise. So keeping the carb consumption at bay can offer the desired result with more lasting effect.#KhabarLive