Almost in all corporate companies you will find numerous employees locked in some ultra-controversial trend of intercaste marriages and split after.

In last 3 – 4 Years Hyderabad have witnessed almost 1000 – 5000 intercaste marriages on an annual stats.

This includes various religions and caste in it, but majority includes Muslims and Hindus.

As per Indian constitution there is a complete right to freedom of religion but not to use them in criminal intent.

Most of the times this trend was supported by colleagues and friends in workplace, who are not actually have an idea of practical life difficulties.

Undoubtedly, love is the medicine for all ailments, but using it for any harmful intent is quite dangerous.

Here are the top 3 Hidden Stories from top 3 companies, which can actually live up to the realistic experiences.

Genpact: One of the leading BPO in Hyderabad situated in Uppal area has its own story to tell, below are some of the self-spoken testaments from its employees with a disgraceful and unpleasant experience received from intercaste marriages. Umang Kumar: He was in relationship with a Christian girl Sujana Williams was about to get married, everything is set and a formal engagement was done. All staff members knows in and out about their relationships and its was a grand wedding ceremony in a 3 star hotel at Begumpet. Within 2 – 3 months of duration their marriage called off, the reason was quoted as groom harassed the bride and her family to opt for Hinduism on gun point. Even threats were continuously made by groom and his family to bride and her family if any police complaint is done, the next movement complete bride’s family will be doused in fire by anonymous people.

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Thankfully marriage was called off when this information broke out in office and all colleagues were came up to support Sujana.

2. Wipro campus at Gachibowli: Well known IT development center for India, a plush and hitch ambience with all pleasant faces and tech talks around have its own dark sides.
A 2016 trainee batch comprises of 12 men and 13 women for a software testing project was hired and immediately moved for training to Kolkata as per company policies.
Shaheen Begum one of the trainee from the batch was in relationship with Mahesh Kumar fellow trainee from same batch. They too had a tragic split in their marriage of 1.5 Years, both were in serious relationship and got married via court, were living good enough for about an year, as soon as Shaheen is near to her labor period all fuss started, family of Mahesh created pressure on Shaheen to convert to Hinduism and cutoff all the relations from her parents or kill the child get divorced.

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it was a total inhumane approach in the quest of Hindutva, which is not a correct method to propagate Hinduism according to respected Hindu scripture Vedas. A doctor from same community took her into his custody and secured her baby’s future.
3. Cognizant Technology Solutions in DLF Cyber city: One of the best MNC in Hyderabad around 8 – 10 branches across the city. one of the largest branch for the company in the city is in DLF complex in Gachibowli Area.

This location facility have many living stories which are still in wait for an answer, Why ME?
One of the best known incident was of blood donation camps, every quarter there is a blood donation camp organized in DLF campus to promote this cause based donation many youth participate in it.
Girls with an ideology to sack out the guys with an intention to convert them to Hinduism, seeks this kind of activities to sort out their gentle targets.
Komal Prakash, an employee from CTS, who is a Delhite staying in Hyderabad got in influence of her extremist friends and spoilt an innocent guys life, Azhar Khan, a desperate Hyderabadi guy working in CTS as a Specialist – IT wing, Komal used to have rave partying on weekends and after an yearlong relationship with Azhar she called him for a dinner and when he turned up it was totally different scene he faced a forcible drug injected in his body on not accepting Hinduism as his religion and still suffering from paralyzed legs. However this lady got arrested for her criminal intent and attempt to murder.

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There are many such cases still hidden in those glass doors and biometric access cards, none can shout out in fear of losing jobs and so called “Respect” in fake corporate world.

We really need a legal protection wing dedicated to deal with these internally bleeding inhumanities.

“Darkness of thoughtful religions, actually needs a light of realistic Humanity”. #KhabarLive