School shaming has become a disturbing trend in the private schools and colleges across the State. Students who have fee dues are being made to stand out of the classes and they will not be allowed to write examinations. However, the officials of the School Education Department are unaware of these incidents. Sandhya, a second year Intermediate student in a private college at Nidamanuru, has received her hall ticket just a day before her practical examination as she had some fee dues.

“My practical examination was on Thursday, but I received my hall ticket only on Wednesday. The college management asked me to clear all the fee dues to get the hall ticket. I was so scared and couldn’t prepare well for my examination. I didn’t expect that they would issue the hall ticket. Finally after repeated visits and requests, they gave it to me just a day before the examination. Now, I have a fee due of `8,000 and the college officials asked me to pay it before the main examinations,” she said.

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Similarly, Sai Kumar (name changed), a class IX student of a private school in Vijayawada, was made to stand out of the class for two periods, as he failed to pay the second term fees. Not only this, he was warned by his class teacher in front of his fellow students. It is not just the case of Sandhya or Sai Kumar, students who have fee dues in private institutions are facing similar public shaming incidents. Recently, in Telangana, a class IX girl student committed suicide after the school management shamed her in front of her fellow students for not paying the fees.

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Speaking to Express, Neredu Padma, whose daughter is studying in a private junior college, says, “I admitted my daughter in a private college even though the fees is quite high. The college officials are repeatedly calling us, reminding us of the fee dues. The worse: Once they have sent her home due to fee dues.

This is quite disturbing for both parents and students. Later, I borrowed money from my employer and paid the fees.”A senior faculty of a private junior college told Express on condition of anonymity that the college managements used to hold the hall tickets of the students with fee dues till the last minute and create tension among them. “They will also hold the students’ Transfer Certificate until they clear the dues,” he said.

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However, the Education Department officials state that such things are not taking place in the State or at least, they didn’t come to their notice. Adityanath Das, Principal Secretary of Education Department, said, “There are no such shaming incidents taking place in the institutions in AP. If they come to our notice, we will take stringent action against the managements. Students are nowhere responsible for the fee dues and they shouldn’t be shamed and humiliated for the same.” #KhabarLive