“Even with (the) bare eye it is identified that the name of Prophet can be seen printed on it in Urdu or Arabic,” the police complaint states.

Several Muslims approached the Dabeerpura police station in Hyderabad this week and in a bizarre complaint, alleged that diapers belonging to the ‘Pampers’ company insulted the Prophet.

The Darsgah Jihad-o-Shahadat (DJS) claimed that the caricature of a cartoon cat on the diaper, resembles the Urdu and Arabic word for ‘Mohammed’. They lodged a formal complaint with the Dabeerpura police on February 20.

“Even with (the) bare eye it is been identified that the name of Prophet (PBUH) can be seen printed on it in Urdu/Arabic,” the police complaint reads.

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The complaint also alleges that the ‘intentional’ act of the company, “has hurt the sentiments of the entire Muslim community at large as Muslims have strong belief and faith that the Prophet is a holy personality in Islam and such disrespect can’t be tolerated.”

“We consider the word Mohammed very sacred and the company had deliberately printed on each pamper and intended to hurt the Muslim community,” one of the complainants, Shahnoor Khan, was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, another video doing the rounds on the internet, said to be from Kashmir, shows several men setting the diapers on fire for ‘insulting’ Islam and Prophet Mohammed.

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In the video of the Muslim group setting the diapers on fire, one of the men tells the camera, “There was a video which went viral earlier on social media, which made this claim. We first didn’t believe it initially as lot of social media stories could be untrue. However, when we checked ourselves, we found that it is true.”

In a statement, a spokesman for Pampers’ owner Procter & Gamble said, “The design on the Pampers Baby Dry Pants shows an innocent animated representation of a cat. It shows a cat’s mouth and whiskers like it is commonly portrayed in drawings and cartoons across the world, especially by little children. The intent behind the use of this cartoon is completely innocent and we would never intend to offend any person, religion or cultural belief.” #KhabarLive


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