In his most outspoken interview ahead of 2019 general elections, Chandrababu Naidu has spoken at length on various issues ranging from the rift with BJP to Special Category Status to development of AP to future investments to Opposition leader Jagan to politics to administration, governance. Naidu spoke freely with #KhabarLive, where he wore heart on sleeve. Below are the excerpts from the interview:

About Failure in Telangana in 2014
Chandrababu Naidu has explained that he had never felt bad when people didn’t vote for him. He said there is nothing more happiness than doing works for the benefit of people. The satisfaction is great in doing work.

Instead of sulking over failure (not winning in elections),

Hyderabad is my brain child. Though the people of Hyderabad didn’t vote for me in 2014, my work for the city and love for its people remains the same.

Amaravati is No Comparison
I’m not comparing Amaravati with Hyderabad or Bangalore or Mumbai or Pune. I’m not comparing Amaravati with any other city in the country, but I’m comparing Amaravati with world-class top cities.

Yes, no doubt, Hyderabad has its own advantages. But Amaravati too has its advantages which Hyderabad didn’t have. Also, I’m turning the disadvantages of Hyderabad into its advantages.

My Government Will Come in 2019
Many investors have been raising their apprehensions whether they would face any difficulties if I will not form government the next term. To all those people, I’ve been assuring them that I’ll be back into power in 2019 as well. My government will comeback to power. Unlike before (2004-2014), we’re more careful today and we have been balancing growth, development across people, regions.

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4,40,000 Crore investments into AP have been confirmed only due to the trust investors imposed on me, my ability. Still many investors feel their investments are secure in my leadership and my government is business-friendly.

On Special Category Status
Only when the Centre had stated that it couldn’t accord Special Category Status to AP due to 14th Finance Commission and only after promise that the same incentives, benefits would be offered to AP in replacement to the word Special Category Status, I had agreed and welcomed it then. Apart from the incentives, benefits of Special Category Status, AP should get all its rightful benefits from the Centre that was committed in the AP Reorganization Act 2014. There is no compromise in it.

Apart from Special Category Status, the leadership is equally important. Without a reliable leader, the Status wouldn’t benefit much as investors look for the face of the state. This is key. Today, we could get large investments to AP without the Special Category Status.

All the data, details of the investments have been provided in public domain in our website. The progress of the investments and the phases of the firms have all been declared in the government’s website. It is very transparent. What else one would need?

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NTR Brings Self Respect, I Bring Self Confidence
NTR had brought self-respect and its importance amongst Telugu people. I bring self-confidence to move confidently in life. One should balance both self-respect and self-confidence in life. If anyone tries to play with our self-respect, we shouldn’t compromise.

National Politics
TDP is the first to dominate national politics since the time of Conclave that is before National Front. Even TDP has played crucial role in NDA. We continue to play very pivotal role in the coming years as well.

Rayalaseema Development
Earlier, Rayalseema was facing acute drought. Whereas today, Rayalaseema has abundant water. If you visit Anantapur, water is available in abundant now days. Even prestigious Kia Motors has set up its unit and its first production to start in March 2018.

No where Rayalaseema is ignored. Have anyone thought of bringing Kia Motors to Anantapur? Have anyone dreamt of bringing Airport to Kurnool and Orvakal Industrial Hub? Have anyone believed of Sri City Zone up to Tirupati with huge hardware, electronics, chip industry? Who are all talking (BJP, YSRCP) today for Rayalaseema have not done anything to it so far. They’re just trying to ‘cheat’ people through words. People know reality. The people of Rayalaseema are enjoying its benefits. I’m also from Rayalaseema. One can’t question my integrity for my region.

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No Investments Will Come For Him (Jagan)
Investments will come seeing the leader of the state. If a state leader (Jagan) attends court regularly, will any investor invests in the state? Can he (Jagan) go to anyone and seek investments? Can he (Jagan) get investments to AP?

Has he (Jagan) developed at least single Panchayat till date? What does he know about administration, governance? What does he know about politics?

AP Needs 10 to 15 Years
AP has gone through most difficult and unexpected phase. First AP’s capital has moved from Chennai to Kurnool. After 3 years, its capital is shifted to Hyderabad. After 60 years of development in Hyderabad by NTR and me, it has been moved to Amaravati.

I urge people of AP to work hard for 5 to 10 years and after that we need not look back. Definitely, what AP has gone through is historic, unprecedented. But one muster courage and work towards development. We shouldn’t live in past anymore.

Centre Attitude
Even if anyone comes to power at Centre, I don’t think, they will be able to do complete justice to AP as they will have their own issues with other states. We should depend on our abilities, our brain power instead of depending on others. No doubt, we should fight for our rights. At the same time, we should also work towards our goals. Only then, as a state, we can progress. #KhabarLive