If special status is given to Andhra Pradesh, there will be tremendous growth in the state and it would give huge impetus to industrial growth. Everyone agrees that special status is lifeline for the new state.

Taking a cue from Jallikattu agitation in Tamil Nadu, youth in Andhra decided to do a similar agitation for special status in Vizag last year.

Opposition leader Y S Jaganmohan Reddy lent his support and Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan encouraged them with his fiery Twitter statements.

However, the agitation and bandh call turned out to be a flop as Andhra Pradesh government didn’t allow the students and the youngsters to take up the massive protest.

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It also stopped YS Jagan at Vizag airport. And Pawan Kalyan who said he would come to Vizag, forgot to participate.

At that time, almost all Tollywood stars tweeted “We Want Special Status” and lent their support to the agitation.

Now that Modi government has not allotted any special funds for Andhra Pradesh, TDP government is feeling the heat from public.

To divert the issue, the TDP social media team brought out the ‘Special Status’ campaign and they are asking Tollywood stars to tweet the same.

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Some young stars have fallen for this drama and have started social media campaign not knowing that they are acting according to a party’s tricks. #KhabarLive