In the meeting of Muslim Personal Law Board (MPLB) scheduled to be held at Hyderabad on Triple Talaq Bill, a resolution is likely to be passed against TRS since it maintained silence on the bill.

After passing of this bill in Lok Sabha, this is the first meeting Muslim Personal Law Board is holding in Hyderabad wherein TRS is in power. This party did not present its stand in Lok Sabha but strengthened the hands of BJP by remaining absent.

TRS MPs claimed that the policy of the party was finalized in consultation with MIM President. An attempt was made to muster the support of a member of Muslim Personal Law Board so that pressure could be exerted on the board to support the stand taken by TRS in Lok Sabha. This member met TRS MPs and thanked for their role.

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According to the report, North Indian members associated with Muslim Personal Board who are politically mature want to seek clarification from TRS members. It is being said that the stand taken by TRS is not clear. It is, therefore, why can’t a resolution against TRS be passed in the meeting.

In order to save this situation, a prominent leader and a minister of TRS has been nominated on the reception committee so that through him, the North Indian members of Muslim Personal Law Board could be misled.

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About the Board’s meeting, it is being said that through this meeting a particular political party is making an attempt to consolidate its position. It is not clear whether the Board will condemn or applaud the steps taken by TRS.

It is the responsibility of members of the Board to question those members who treat TRS as their ally. They should make them answerable who had thanked TRS MPs for remaining absent when the bill was put to vote in Lok Sabha.

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It may be mentioned that if any political party stages walkout, it is treated as protest whereas TRS did neither register its protest nor did walk out but remained absent. #KhabarLive