Even as the political heat in Telangana is yet to gain steam, in Andhra Pradesh all parties seem to be fully in the election mode, vying with one other in one up-manship. Irked by the manner in which the NDA government had prepared its budget keeping Odisha and Karnataka elections in mind, the TDP went all-out to convert the crisis into an opportunity and seems to have successfully created an anti-BJP atmosphere in Andhra Pradesh.

With the alliance having hit a rock bottom, the BJP made a vain attempt to bring Prime Minister Narendra Modi to AP and see if some kind of patch-up could be worked out. But the equally shrewd politician Nara Chandrababu Naidu threw a spanner and told the PMO that there were no major projects which the Prime Minister could inaugurate.

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He also told them that if PM could specify what announcements he would make for AP then they can work out something. Naidu knows he won’t be in a position to counter Modi on the spot and this would cause damage to the party which has so far succeeded in painting the BJP as the villain, after the Congress party which had bifurcated the state in the most “unscientific” manner.

On the other hand, the BJP is ready to play the role of opposition in coming budget session and its ministers are ready to quit. Endowments Minister Manikyala Rao even hinted that in such an eventuality they would join hands with YSRCP.

Seeing the fast-paced developments, the YSRCP which groped in darkness when TDP MPs staged protests in Parliament and stalled proceedings, felt that they had indulged in a sort of self-goal and in a knee-jerk reaction announced that their MPs would resign on April 6 and before that they would hold dharna at Jantar Mantar. Now, they say they are ready to move no-confidence motion against NDA and ask TDP to support them. The Congress party too suddenly woke up and is trying to take the lead in moving no-trust motion.

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Whether it would help the party gain politically or not, the fact remains that a no-confidence can be moved only if Congress extends its support. TDP and YSRCP put together do not have more than 25 members, whereas 50 members should support such a motion. But if Congress moves the motion then a debate would become necessary. It is a different thing that the NDA which has an absolute majority will not face any trouble to defeat the motion.

But it will give an ample opportunity to the Congress, the TDP and the YSRCP to take on the BJP. Meanwhile, the latest ‘political star’ Pavan Kalyan is embarking on fact-finding. For every problem he has only one statement to make: “I will react after understanding the problem.” Amidst all this political hullabaloo, what is the saddest part is that each party is trying to convert a threat into an opportunity on the question of injustice to state. But in the process, no efforts are being made to resolve the real issue. #KhabarLive

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