Ex-Mayor of Hyderabad and MIM party member and Corporator Majid Hussain failed to protect the residents of Ahmed Nagar from First Lancer division in Hyderabad from the nuisance of rowdy sheeters and history sheeter operated gangs.

Recently, Sharfuddin a resident from Ahmednagar, who was working as a mechanic on the local streets of first lancer, got murdered by one of these rowdy sheeter and his gang.

This incident actually rings up the alarming bells among the local residents of area, who actually feels safe in the MIM ruling constituency.
Even after this incident, no serious efforts are being made by MIM to weed out the anti-social elements from this area.

These unstoppable law offenders or history sheeter creates fear in atmosphere by doing day light crimes in the name of public protection.

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A common man always expects his elected representative for a local constituency always come up to rescue him and his family in time of public threats, which MIM failed to do!

One more hurdle in MIM defense aroused when it was discovered, MIM Nampally MLA Jaffar Hussain Meraj stays 15 km away in Chandrayangutta area. This is also a reason MIM MLA were behind the speed of police in escalation of the untoward incidents in his constituency.

In past, MLA Meraj was seen challenging PM Modi in his public meetings and given a word of protection and support to all Muslims around. This MLA needs to be available in his own constituency rather than using high tone to challenge prime minister of the country.

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MIM in charge for Nampally Constituency is Mr. Yasser Arafat, who is known to be a close relative of oOwaisis, he too failed to take situation in his controls.

If the elected MLA, MLCs and Incharge of area is not effective in their basic duties as a public servant, then it remains party leader’s responsibility to give a safe atmosphere.

In this incident, no responsible move was taken by MIM and the area police department to maintain the peace and justified atmosphere, it took a heavy protest with the dead body on the roads, no police officer has supported the victim’s family and still no clue about the arrest of the murderers.

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Have MIM forgot its voters from First lancer area in Ahmed nagar division?
Who has made MIM party win in previous election against close rival candidate from Congress Feroz Khan?

Majority of 90% of votes are from Ahmednagar for MIM, only for the sake of unity and peace among religions; but MIM reciprocated this area with illiteracy and open murderers.

At least now voters from First lancer should realize, how to identify their genuine leader, who can support and sympathize them in all time. #KhabarLive