They say when parents die, the world comes to an end. The house looks empty. But I feel that parents live forever and they stay with us. It’s we who forget them.

The fact of the matter is that a brother has the eyes of the beloved father, a sister’s pretty face is like that of your compassionate mother, a sibling smiles like dad or a sister cooks like mom.

*Parents don’t die.* They never leave us. The live among us. They live in us.

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We’re reflections of our parents. Despite their physical absence, they continue to live in us.

When you want to remember your parents or you want to see them, when you want to be with them, simply gather your siblings around you.

And you’ll find the mesmerizing smile of your mom in one sibling, the soothing voice of your dad in another.

You’ll feel them very close to you. All around you. Deep inside you.

The garden of love that our parents cultivate and grow with love, from the time we’re born, with their blood, sweat and tears will continue to bloom, unaffected by the cycles of tough weather. They shelter us in tough times.

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But there are times, when we forget all their hard work and destroy the paradise they built, with our selfishness, hatred, and opportunistic attitude.

*Parents don’t die.*

We put them to death.

Love your parents. Love your siblings. Continue to feed the garden that your parents cultivated with love and compassion so that it never ceases to bloom and blossom.

You’ll make your world a living paradise on earth. A heaven that only knows love, compassion, care, respect… with your loved ones around you. #KhabarLive

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