The Joint Facts Finding Committee (JFC) constituted by Pawan Kalyan comprising several intellectuals, veterans is expected to submit its final report in a couple of days. The report is expected in some two days, commented Undavalli Arun Kumar who is a key member of the JFC.

Commenting on the developments, Undavalli opined that the JFC is weighing various options in order to see which benefits the cash-strapped Andhra Pradesh which lost its capital to the bifurcated Andhra Pradesh. Undavalli felt that the Special Category Status may benefit AP more. And JFC would announce its final result in two days.

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Many in the JFC Committee apparently opined that one can’t put a “number” to ‘in lieu of” the proposed Special Category Status as the amount of benefits that comes with the SCS could not be assessed since it depends on the functioning of the state government and how well one government could make use of it by attracting many investors, companies.

It needs to be seen how the TDP and BJP would respond once the JFC report comes out as both the key parties are favouring a Financial Package instead of the Special Category Status to the AP. Amidst this, the JFC report becomes crucial.

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Meanwhile, the JFC’s first major achievements include the appointment of two senior IAS officers from the State Government to assess the Centre’s funds and the revealing of the accounts to the JFC. #KhabarLive