In a crucial twist and major development, Mathayya Jerusalem- the key accused in cash-for-vote case relating to the bribe offered by former Telugu Desham MLA Revanth Reddy to the nominated Anglo-Indian MLA Elvis Stephenson- has turned approver.

Besides writing a letter to make him an approver in the sensational case, Mathayya also filed a petition in apex court. Speaking to media in this matter, the key accused said, ‘In wake of media reports which said cash-for-vote case will come before Chief Justice for hearing, I have decided to approach Supreme Court directly.’

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‘As the officials from both governments (TDP and TRS) and AP public prosecutor Guntur Prabhakar are not updating me and neither giving me follow ups in the case, I am worried that they’d issue a warrant to me,’ Muthayya alleged by telling how both the state governments are harassing him regarding the case.

He further accused on both state governments saying, ‘while Telangana sarker is stressing me to file a case against TDP on how they involved me in this case, TDP government is coercing me to file case against TRS by showing the warning calls from KTR’s gunmen as subject of proof. So, I decided to turn as approver before the Chief Justice of India’.

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Now that Mathayya has turned into an approver, the cash-for-vote is going to be in headlines for next few days and the apex court’s judgement is also much-debated and highly awaited. #KhabarLive