An owl was rescued from the city on Monday after it was allegedly used for black magic rituals.The Indian-Eagle Owl was rescued from DBR Mills, a deserted area on Lower Tank Bund which is allegedly frequented by drug addicts. The owl was found at a bus stop near the mills. Its legs were tied and eyes gouged from the socket.

“There was turmeric on its feathers and traces of kumkum on its body,” said Giridhar Gopal, Member of Bharatiya Prani Mitra Sangh. The bird was handed over to forest department officials and is undergoing treatment at veterinary hospital at Nehru Zoological Park. “The male bird, about four years old, could have been used on suggestions of tantriks,” Gopal observed.

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Meanwhile, another animal welfare activist who was part of the rescue observed that the sale of crows and owls for the purpose of sacrifices is on the increase. “We have rescued about 40 such birds in recent past, all used for similar purposes,” said Mahesh Agarwal. “The birds are widely sold from the Murgichowk in Old City at varying rates. We have given several representations to police but nothing has happened,” he added. Police responded saying the area was sensitive and raids are only conducted in association with wildlife department. #KhabarLive

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