Kodandaram Seems to Be Confused
Reports are emerging that Telangana JAC Chairman Kodandaram’s new political party is titled ‘Telangana Jana Samiti’.

The announcement may come out very soon. Kodandaram is currently busy with his Amaraveerula Spoorthi Yatra and it will be concluded by the end of the next month.

Kodandaram will then finalise the other details of the party and will make the announcement. Kodandaram is fighting against the TRS government saying that it is not working to the aspirations of the people after attaining the new state. TRS Leaders have already started making political comments on him to counter his political moves.

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But then, this move may benefit the ruling party as the anti-government vote will split among all the opposition parties. So there are mixed reactions. KCR on the other side, is worried if Kodandaram’s party will eat into his traditional vote base as he fought honestly for the separate state during the agitation times. #KhabarLive