The special day for the loved ones commonly known as Valentine’s Day is now just 7 days ahead. Every couple is trying to make it special but before the Valentine’s day comes the Valentine’s week. Yes, each and every day beginning today has its own special significance and has a unique reason for it to be celebrated.

The month of February is here and the week of love is on board. Love is in air for everyone. Every couple look forth to spend these 7 days with their loved ones and wishes to enjoy the quality time and make memories that could be cherished for life long.

As the Valentine’s Day is much awaited and a lot of planning is on board to make it a memorable one let us know in brief why it is celebrated. Valentine’s Day is also known as the Feast of Saint Valentine of as Saint Valentine’s Day or Feast of Saint Valentine. The day is actually celebrated as the tribute to the St. Valentine or Valentinus who was a roman priest. It is though not a public holiday anywhere in world but it is celebrated globally and people express their feelings for the loved ones.

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So, if you are looking forth to make the Valentine’s Day special then don’t forget to mark these days as special too.

1. Rose Day – 7th February
The Valentine’s week starts from 7th February which is also known as Rose Day. As per the name suggests, people present rose to their loved ones as a symbol of love. Now, there are different colours of roses which signify different meaning so before presenting a rose to someone get an idea of the colour. For example, red is for love, yellow for friends, white for peace.

2. Propose Day- 8th February
The second day of the week is celebrated as the propose day and as the name says, the day is meant for proposals. A day to propose your crush and tell him/her the feelings you owe for them. You wouldn’t get a better day than this. Even if you are in relationship with your partner then also you can propose her and repeat your vows making it all the more special.

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3. Chocolate Day- 9th February
If anything in this world is sweeter than love then it is chocolates. Valentine’s Day would be incomplete without chocolates. Chocolates can be gifted in many shapes. The best thing of chocolates is that it comes in many shapes and flavours and can even be gifted to the partners who have sweet tooth; dark chocolates are the one we are talking about.

4. Teddy Day- 10th February
Teddy is lovable because of its fluffiness and cuteness. Teddy was named after US President Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt. This soft toy was created to respect the decision of the President for not killing the animals during hunting. Teddy Bear is generally the first love to many girls.

5. Promise Day- 11th February
The fifth day of the Valentine’s Day stands for making all the promises and commitments for the couple. The day is celebrated as the promise day to promise a life time relation with the partner which can make your relationship all the more stronger.

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6. Hug Day- 12th February
A hug is something that makes you feel better. Imagine you are tired or something goes wrong with you and you are sad. What is it that would make you feel good when you reach home? A hug from your partner is it. The sixth day of the Valentine’s week is celebrated as Hug Day to express the wonderful expression of love.

7. Kiss Day- 13th February
The last of the week and the most awaited one- Kiss Day. This day the couple shares the romantic moments. Well, I think I don’t need to write much for this day for everyone knows that a kiss can heal any would and is the best expression to show love.

8. Valentine’s Day
After the 7 days, it is now turn for the Valentine’s Day which is celebrated all over the world. If you haven’t shared your feelings yet then this can be the perfect day to express your feelings. This day is special for all the lovers and could be made a memorable one. #KhabarLive

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