After 3 states’ election results, I’ve seen Modi ji’s tweets hyperbolizing his party’s victory followed by media’s unstoppable jerking off calling it a ‘Modi Lehar’! So, I did a little homework to check the facts.

Under Modi Lehar, BJP has won so far 5 STATES after he became the PM.

– Haryana
– Uttara Pradesh
– Uttarakhand
– Gujarat
– Tripura

Now, lets look at other states:

– Bihar – JDU alliance after waking up the “antramta” of Nitish Kumar
– JK – PDP alliance with “Bua”, who thinks Afzal Guru’s martyr.
– Goa – Backdoor entry (under table)
– Andhra – TDP alliance ….Ha, Ha, Ha!
– Maharastra – SS alliance
– Jarkhand – AJSU alliance
– Manipur – Backdoor entry
– Assam – Again alliance

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In all these states where they have no majority, BJP has taken a different “route” to stake a claim. Now, let’s take a look at all three states’ results:

Meghalaya: Won 2 seats and pulled up to form the government. Don’t ask me how- you dimwit!

Tripura: BJP won 35 out of 59 seats and got alliance with the separatist ally!

Nagaland: BJP won 11 out of 58 seats.

Who all are wrong here? We all are! Our perception is being managed by paid media for ‘Modi Lehar’, and we are swayed by it.

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Come to your senses, however the sooner the better! #KhabarLive


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