After saying good-bye to part-time politics, Pawan Kalyan’s full-fledged political entry has put him under spot. With there is a huge gap between Pawan’s words and actions, the credibility of Pawan Kalyan is taking a big beating.

Pawan, who had earlier challenged TDP, YSRCP to move no-confidence motions against ruling BJP and stated that he would personally go and get support from the other political parties, has totally abstained from his words. Even 12 days after TDP moved no-confidence motion, Pawan’s absolute silence on the motion is shocking many.

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While Congress, CPM and many other anti-BJP political parties are coming forward to move the no-confidence motion, the ‘hide-and-seek’ game of Pawan Kalyan is adding fuel to the ongoing speculations that Pawan Kalyan is acting to favour BJP.

“Where is Pawan Kalyan who had claimed that he would gather support if no-confidence motion is moved in Parliament? Pawan never keeps his words,” alleged TDP leader Payyavula Kesav.

“The people of AP are now losing “confidence” on Pawan. People will move no-confidence against Pawan through their votes in the coming elections,” opined another TDP’s senior leader. #KhabarLive

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