Lassi means buttermilk. Yoghurt whisked with adding water and few spices makes a good lassi. You can have lassi either with salt or sugar according to your taste and liking. Yoghurt as such is highly nutritious rich in protein, calcium, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Yoghurt is best used for preventing antibiotic-associated diarrhea. It is also believed to promote good gum health because of the effect of lactic acid present in yoghurt.

Dieticians advise to drink low fat yoghurt or buttermilk to help in weight loss especially due to the calcium in yoghurt. Lassi or buttermilk is the best natural summer coolant beverage to be had better than the aerated drinks. Lassi originated from the Indian subcontinent and is the staple drink of Punjab. The sweet lassi can be flavored adding rosewater, grape juice concentrate or any other sweetner to create an awesome drink.

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Hyderabadi sweet lassi is a special drink from the streets of Hyderabad. Its very popular drink had mostly during ramzan season and summers. It’s a special lassi adding flavoring of Roohafza. Rooh Afza is a concentrated drink formulated by Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed and manufactured by the companies founded by him and his sons, Hamdard (Wakf) Laboratories, India since 1906 and Hamdard (Waqf) Laboratories, Pakistan, since 1948.

It is also made in Bangladesh by Hamdard Laboratories (WAQF) Bangladesh. Roohafza is a rose flavored drink that contains extracts from different plants and fruits. It has a complex flavor. Its original formulation is prepared from the extracts of Herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers and roots. Roohafza is a great alternative for any other sweetner drink.

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Roohafza is traditionally made in preparation for breaking the fast during Ramadan (holy month of fasting). Ideally it is the best drink to consume after a long day fast as it supplies energy to the empty stomach. Roohafza also helps to open you appetite and helps in digestion. A glass full of lassi with roohafza rejuvenates and makes you feel fresh. Roohafza can either be addeed to milk or yoghurt and had.

Roohafza has a viscous concentrate that smells like a melted cherry lollipop and when added with milk or yoghurt smells like a perfume. But it is dominated with rose flavor. Roohafza can be taken or prepared in various ways as you desire.

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You can add in milk and made a great milkshake or make a nice lassi topping ice-cream or have with chilled water or soda. Do try this recipe and rejuvenate your system while you are back home from the scorching heat or a tiresome long day work. #KhabarLive

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