Telangana CM KCR has announced that he would foray into national politics as there is a greater need to reform national politics. Maintaining that he doesn’t have anything personal against Modi, KCR rebuked both BJP and Congress over their policies, governance.

Indicating that a third front -an alternate to NDA and UPA – is possible, KCR said that he is in talks with Seetharam Yechury of the CPM and other like minded people discussing on future political course of action.

However, KCR made it clear that he would not be moving away from Telangana or Telangana state politics, he stressed the need for being active in national politics for the benefit of the people of Telangana. He said that a formal announcement would be made very soon.

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Amidst strong speculations of a possible third front of TDP, TRS, CPM, CPI, Janasena and other like-minded politics in South, North, KCR’s fresh comments indicated an impending strong Third Front against the BJP and Congress. #KhabarLive


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