Seasoned politician, one of the senior-most politicians in the country Chandrababu Naidu has turned emotional on Tuesday in the Legislative Assembly and cried in front of all the MLAs. This has happened during the passing of a resolution on the fulfillment of all the promises made during the bifurcation of undivided Andhra Pradesh. AP state Assembly has passed a resolution condemning Centre’s indifferent attitude.

The resolution urges the Centre to accord the Special Category Status (SCS) to the truncated state as promised by the then Union Government, then Opposition on the floor of the parliament. The resolution further urges the Centre to implement the AP Reorganisation Act, 2014 and fulfill all the promises mentioned in the act passed by the Parliament. The promises include Special Railway Zone at Visakhapatnam, Steel plant in Kadapa, Dugarajapatnam port (or a port at any other location instead of Dugarapatnam), Polavaram National Irrigation Project etc.

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Moving the resolution, emotional Naidu was in tears while recalling the humiliation, insult meted out to him by the Prime Minister and his government. Naidu recalled how he had been to New Delhi 29 times in the last three-and-half-years but all gone vain as there was no proper response from the Centre.

“When I had asked for special financial assistance to build a world-class capital at Amaravati, the central finance minister ‘made fun of’ me, stating that it was my ‘dream city.’ After the unilateral division, Andhra Pradesh was left with no capital city. Is it wrong to build a world-class capital? Why can’t the Centre extend assistance to build the capital as promised in the Act? When it can give Rs 17,000 crore to a developed city like Bengaluru to build the metro rail, why can’t it give the money to the construction of Amaravati?”

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The Centre has to provide financial assistance to Amaravati, besides granting special category status as promised by the former Prime Minister in Parliament during passage of AP Reorganisation Act. Besides, it should grant separate railway zone for Visakhapatnam, establish Dugarajapatnam port, steel factory at Kadapa and petro-chemical complex at Kakinada and resolve many other issues, including special package for the backward districts on the lines of Bundelkhand and Koraput-Kalahandi.

On the other hand, it is accusing the state of not submitting the utilisation certificates for the funds released so far. The Centre is creating impediments in implementing the promises made in the AP Reorganization Act. This House strongly condemns the callousness of the Centre towards rescuing the state.#KhabarLive

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