The exercise to make preparations for the elections to village panchayats in the State has begun. The process of publishing the corrected electoral rolls will start soon and elections will be conducted on the basis of that list.

State election commissioner Nagi Reddy on Tuesday said that elections to village panchayats are to be held in July as the term of the existing panchayats would end by next August. Hence, the election commission would soon start the exercise of publishing the corrected electoral rolls, he added.

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Nagi Reddy conducted an all-party meeting here and gathered the views of various political parties on the issue of finalising voters’ list for the panchayat polls.

As leaders belonging to various political parties, particularly the Congress, requested him to extend the deadline for correction of electoral rolls, the election commissioner told them that he would look into their demand.He made it clear that the elections to the gram panchayats will be indirect and conducted on non-party basis using ballot papers. #KhabarLive

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