Discover the beauty of the Old City which is otherwise lost in the tumultuous traffic and sea of humanity.

Ever imagined what it would be to see the Old City without traffic, the sea of humanity and street hawkers? Is it possible to walk leisurely here without having to fight for space with auto drivers or two wheelers in their dare devil speed levels? If you spend a morning in the Old City, no matter how many times you have been here as a tourist or a shopper you will be amazed at the vastness of the streets, the wacky signboards and interesting descriptions on the banners of shops. Beautiful old buildings remain hidden from sight behind makeshift colourful plastic roofs, this also makes us miss the old doors of the shops and their arches because we have to be mindful of the traffic and what we are stepping into.

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It is not just the walk that is peaceful here, in the morning hours, say around 7 am, even driving here is a breeze with an occasional bus to tail. One might even want to stop and take photos at Nayapul where every inch of this bridge is litter-free and free of any occupant. From here, one can smell the aroma of spicy food in the air. Without having to look much, one can spot handis bubbling with paya shorba just outside the Irani hotels.

Heritage walks in the Old City are conducted in the morning for history buffs and tourists, to let them see and admire the beauty of this place. The noise and the crowd is all a part of the charm for a tourist, but not great if you want to understand about the structures, the style of architecture etc.

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You can’t go shopping at this time of , because none of the shops open before 10, but what is easily available is Irani chai, Osmania biscuits, patti samosa and all that you might want to indulge in for a change. Walking towards Chatta Bazaar will give fried options like aloo samosa, nimki and jalebi. These snacks are a delight to bite into the moment they are removed from the pan.

Good morning Charminar!
As one walks towards Charminar, the bylanes near Gulzar Houz are dotted with carts selling fresh vegetables and fruits. This season, fresh figs and mulberries are in abundance here. The hawkers sit there throughout the day and are absolutely out of traffic’s way. As one proceeds towards Charminar, you find the monument bathed in the morning light, exuding a different appeal. Don’t expect to go shopping for bangles at Laad Bazar in the morning, instead get into the bylanes there and discover newer arches of old establishments.

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At every corner however, one sight is guaranteed, segregation of newspapers for distribution to homes of readers. Also a delight in the morning is to see the High Court and the streets leading upto it. The big trees in this area are filled with birds of all sizes and it is a pleasant surprise that you can listen to the birds songs without any effort. #KhabarLive