Easter is celebrated by Christians all over the world which falls on April 1, 2018. This occasion is a happy day for everyone as it is believed that Jesus Christ rose from the deathbed on this day and his resurrection symbolizes that death is not the end of everything but life could win over death.

On this auspicious day, Catholics visit the church and pray. Even the churches are decorated with white lilies flowers and painted with white or gold color. There are several traditional customs associated with Easter which involves Easter egg also known as Egg Sunday.

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The egg symbolizes new life and when Christ had risen from the dead, people associated it with eggs. So, Easter Eggs are an important part of Easter. Even Easter Bunny plays a vital role in celebrating Easter as rabbits have been associated with springtime. Hare which symbolizes fertility and rebirth, was later changed to Easter Bunny by Christians.

On the auspicious day of Easter, we have shared few messages which you can send to your loved one and express your deep love towards them. Happy Easter! #KhabarLive