HNN-SCP (Sponsored Content Project) is India’s first automated influencer marketing platform that connects brands with social influencers. It helps brands connect and engage with over 10,000 Bloggers, Vloggers (video bloggers) and Micro-bloggers to create powerful social and video content.

Blogs have been proven to have a huge impact on the purchasing decisions of consumers. Leveraging their power, HNN-SCP makes blogs the core of a brand’s digital marketing strategy. From brand awareness to product launch, your first influencer marketing campaign is just a click away. We also provide Blog Influence and in-depth analytics to help you make decisions and achieve results.

HNN-SCP is a win-win for all those involved – you get access to the finest bloggers to create targeted and powerful content. And the bloggers have the opportunity to increase their reach and their financial rewards.

HNN-SCP helps brands identify and engage targeted influencers to create powerful social and video content. HNN-SCP offers transparent pricing and real time campaign analytics for every piece of content. Get hard ROI and measure the impact down to the dollar. With more than 10,000 influencers to engage with, your next influencer marketing ampaign is just a click away.

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For Brands – Over 70% purchase decisions are influenced by social media advocates. HNN-SCP enables brands to leverage targeted advocates in the form of bloggers, vloggers and micro-bloggers. With HNN-SCP, brands can run blogger outreach campaigns for product launches, affiliate marketing and brand awareness in one click.

HNN-SCP Offers the following ‘Sponsored Content’ categories:

1. Sponsored Content – Brand Or Business Promotion
2. Sponsored News
3. Sponsored CSR Column
4. Advertorials
5. Sponsored NGOs & Foundations

A part of sponsored content which HNN-SCP produces a variety of content with funding from outside parties.

Here’s an interesting new way to reach your target audience! HNN-SCP is the new revolution in online advertising and content marketing. And we don’t do it the stereotypical way. HNN-SCP is not about native advertising. Rather we create a willful engagement with the right audience.

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Through Unique content marketing, we create an entertaining article with a catchy title for your brand or your campaign that people will like to read and share with other people.

Based on your brands genre or campaign, we deliver a custom content for your target audience to help you build a stronger relationship with them.

Through multi-sharing on social media platforms and placing the articles on premium positions on the website, we make sure that the content goes viral.

INNSCP will promote your social pages and help you get more followers.

Your article pages will also act as a point of sale through an ad box which is linked to your website.


Want to increase the visibility and create a brand identity with your target audience? As a publisher, we make sure that your brand gets maximum exposure with your target audience with our Display and Rich Media ads.

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Choose between these 5 types of advertisements to promote your brand:

  • Leaderboard Dimensions
  • Horizontal banner
  • horizonal box
  • Normal Banner
  • Text Link Page

These sources of revenue allow us to explore, in more depth than editorial budgets would otherwise allow, topics that we hope are of interest to HNN readers. The presentation of the content makes clear how the content has been commissioned and produced, and who has funded it.

Well, here we mention what we’ll offer you in this ‘Sponsored Content’ categories:
– Permanent Public Display
– Social Bookmarking + Spread Your Business Listing
– RSS publishing + Spread Your Business Listing
– Article Marketing for your business site
– Featured Listing to get additional exposure
– Social Media Marketing for your listing.
– Text, Banner with direct back link from all pages includes home page
Plus many more to get included in future….

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