Ghosts and superheroes, after all, are just ordinary men and women in front of a green screen. To mark its upcoming twelfth anniversary, Red Chillies VFX recently released a six-minute video showcasing the visual gymnastics that it has helped several films perform since its inception.

The video catalogues the Shah Rukh Khan-founded company’s work in dramas such as My Name is Khan (2010), Fan (2016) and Raees (2017), the superhero movies Krissh 3 (2013) and Ra.One (2011), and the supernatural films Phillauri (2017) and Pari (2018).

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Superimposing actual footage with digitally reworked shots, the video demonstrates a part of the process of creating dramatic visual effects. Viewers catch a glimpse of some of how gravity-defying stunts and supernatural phenomena were brought to life on the big screen, such as the shot of Shah Rukh Khan walking perpendicular to the train’s surface in Ra.One. We also see how his features were modified so that he could play both superstar Aryan and his obsessive lookalike Gaurav Chandra in Fan.

Exotic locales, skyline shots and other picturesque scenes are revealed to be a result of similar computer graphics – the reality, shot in a studio in front of a green screen, seems rather bland in comparison. #KhabarLive