Somehow, the concept of a front – first, third or alternate, or even a federal front sounds and appears surrealistic in this country when mentioned by our politicians. In art and literature, the workings of the unconscious mind and an attempt to synthesise those working with the conscious mind, often develops non-logically if attempted to by a surrealist so that the results represent the operations of the conscious.

A primary condition, as poet Andre Breton says in his first manifesto (there were three altogether) on surrealism, is that the mind must be liberated from logic and reason for such a realism to prevail.

Is it possible to allow such a play in politics? There is so much of ‘front’ talk nowadays with everyone trying to guide the anti-BJP forces with his or her own wisdom in the country, that it is only getting more complicated than simple for one to understand the same.

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It is always clear to us that all those who are talking of fronts, alliances, adjustments and understandings, are all anti-BJP and want to escape its onslaught in 2019 general elections. What is not clear is how they plan to go about it when each leader’s priority is his or her own power and pelf.

KCR’s attempt is no less logical here. Even Chandrababu Naidu is not clear about it and is still in the process of knitting his priorities. He said he would go to Delhi much later with his proposal. However, KCR has gone ahead and declared his intention to form an anti-BJP front or a coalition of parties as he prefers to say.

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The logic of KCR, as was declared, is that the BJP led NDA Government was rendering injustice to the states keeping all developmental works with it and the states had almost no role or only an insignificant role which was against the very spirit of federalism.

It is a different matter that he never spoke of the same as long as he was a Union minister in the past. He has met Mamata Banerjee, Karunanidhi, Deve Gowda and Akhilesh Yadav in the process and is said to be planning to woo more leaders.

Does KCR have, say, a basic understanding at least of the turbulent Bengalee politics or the caste combo of UP or even of the dramatic upheavals of Dravidian theatre? Why did he go and meet Deve Gowda despite the latter’s overtures to Narendra Modi? Does KCR think that he can convince all these leaders of his intent? Mamata wants to be the Lord of the Rings.

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Karunanidhi sits judge in no hurry over the rough and tumble of Tamil politics. Deve Gowda is the wily fox who eyes benefits alone in any arrangement and knows that it suits him well to support Modi at least till 2019.

Akhilesh is at the mercy of his rival and is desperate that all of those must join hands together. KCR lacks Mamata’s brazenness, Karunanidhi’s scheming and Deve Gowda’s comfort levels. He cannot do an Akhilesh with Congress as it his principal rival. Communists are a far cry for him. That is classic surrealism! #KhabarLive