Legend has it that Hakeem Mirza Nizamuddin Ahmed Jeelani was the royal physician (Hakeem) in the court of Sultan Abdullah Qutb Shah. He came from Shiraz, Iran, to Golconda and was extraordinarily gifted and well versed in Unani medicine and was given the title of Hakeen-ul-Malik.

A man of many talents, he was also an outstanding poet and a man of letters who documented the times of Sultan Mohd Qutb Shah and Sultan Abdullah Qutb Shah in the book ‘Hadeeqat-ul-Salateen’ in Persian considered by many to be an authentic history of that period.

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Located in the north of Golconda, Hakeempet was founded by him. He died in 1649 and was buried behind the present day Apollo Hospital in Jubilee Hills. His tomb, located on a hillock is engraved with ‘Faut-ul-Hakeem’ (tomb of Hakeem) and the Hijri year 1059 below it. After the fall of the Golconda kingdom, the hamlet of Hakeempet was also abandoned. Only after many years people started living here again. #KhabarLive