Sufis and religious preachers started arriving in Golconda and the surrounding areas in the Deccan during the middle of the 12th century. Among these preachers were two brothers whose legacy would survive the test of time — Hazrat Shaikh Sharafuddin Suhrawardi (Suhrawardi is one of the branches of Sufism established by Sihabuddin Suhrawardi in Baghdad) and Hazrat Shaikh Fakhruddin Suhrawardi.

Shaikh Sharafuddin stayed on a hillock beyond Barkas or Maisram and was popularly known as ‘Baba,’ hence this place came to be known as Baba Sharafuddin ki Pahadi or Pahadi Shareef. His shrine and tomb are here.

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Shaikh Fakhruddin stayed on a hillock near Golconda and the area came to be called Khajaguda. Sultan Abdullah Qutb Shah was his ardent follower. He developed a hamlet, about half a kilometre away from the Banjara Darwaza of Golconda fort and named it Shaikpet. Thus Khajaguda and Shaikpet are named after Shaikh Fakhruddin. #KhabarLive