The main deity at the Renuka Yellamma temple was reportedly weeping. Chandlapur’s miseries resonates in its goddess. Or so do the villagers think. A sleepy village in the Chinna Kodur mandal of Siddipet district, Chandlapur moves at its own pace.

Even a breaking news takes its own sweet time to ‘break’ here. But, Friday was a different day. There was news: the main deity at the Renuka Yellamma temple was reportedly weeping. And this new had its shock value.

As the day progressed, people not only from Chandlapur but also from neighbouring villages were making a beeline for the temple to see the tears of their goddess.

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The serpentine queue was getting restless as rumours were doing the round that the goddess was grieving the imminent submergence of their village in Ranga Naik Sagar project.

All this while, anxiety was building up in the queues outside the temple. Those coming out after watching the goddess weep were emotionally charged up.

“It is true that the goddess is weeping. Tears were rolling out of her left eye. We prayed her to bless us and offered to construct a temple for her in order to pacify her,” said Chandramoulli, a villager.

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Temple priest Anjavva, meanwhile, shed more light on the entire incident. She had come to the temple to perform the daily prayers when she saw tears rolling down from the deity’s left eye, she claimed. This lasted for around 15 minutes, Anjavva added.

By the time the day approached its end, people were seen conducting special pujas on the temple premises to appease the goddess. #KhabarLive