Of late, there is high drama being resorted to by TRS and its Ministers. There will be early polls; there will not be early polls, meetings with election commission officials, cabinet meetings etc, etc and a lot of activity without any tangible outcome except confusion.

And the reason for all this confusion is KCR’s inexperience as a Chief Minister. He is only four years old as a CM and his inability to make up his mind regarding the early elections is the root cause of all this confusion.

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But whatever decision he takes, it will have as its core objective, the welfare of his son KTR.

“Whenever and wherever the polls are held, the TRS will score a resounding victory,” say KTR, KCR and the pink batch.

If that is the case, then why does the Party need to go for early polls? They have an absolute majority and no serious threat, why then this fuss? Or, is it the case that KCR’s survey has indicated winds of dissension billowing across the State which can be countered through early polls?

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If he gives the Opposition more time, the dissension might assume serious proportions. #KhabarLive