After the dissolution of Telangana Assembly, preparations for elections have started. Various political parties began finalizing the names of their candidates. The ruling TRS party has already announced the names of 105 candidates. The popularly known as ‘Vote Cutting’ Party AIMIM has also finalized the names of seven candidates for Assembly elections. The two sitting MLAs of AIMIM have been shifted to other constituencies. After finalizing the names of 7 candidates, for city, AIMIM is busy finalizing other names in Telangana areas.

It may be mentioned that AIMIM had floated 38 candidates for Assembly elections in UP whereas it nominated 24 candidates in Maharashtra and 6 for Bihar. It is for the first time that AIMIM has finalized the names of its candidates before the official announcement of dates of elections.

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It remains to be seen in the second list of AIMIM which are the constituencies in which its candidates will be floated.

It is alleged that in Assembly elections of the North India, AIMIM floated candidates at the behest of a party.

Congress alleged that AIMIM is dancing to the tunes of BJP. It also expressed the apprehension that AIMIM will float its candidates to cut the Muslim votes in order to benefit TRS. #KhabarLive